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It couldn't have been any more perfect...

Miss Louella Rose is Sweet, Beautiful. Refined. The answer to all her family's woes. But beneath her flawless complexion, behind her mesmerizing eyes, she hides a secret shame.

STANTON promised to marry the woman of his father’s choice by the age of thirty and that time has finally come. To his surprise and delight, the chosen lady is the perfect debutante, for him anyhow, and he couldn’t be happier... until he discovers the scars that make no sense – scars that shatter the illusion of perfection.
LIES, greed and blood lay waste to a most promising marriage.

Can their love overcome the ravages of guilt and carry them through life’s imperfections?

The Perfect Debutante

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Release Date: February 2019
Series: The Perfect Regency
Book Number: 1 in the series
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“Are you being coerced into this betrothal, Miss Redfield?” Because although he felt less reluctance as each moment passed, he would not marry an unwilling girl. 

Her smile fell at his words. Then, seeming to realize she still held his hand, she dropped it suddenly and went back to fidgeting with the silk bow on her wrist. Just when he thought she wasn’t going to answer him, she looked up. “My father will flay me if I refuse.” 

Even though he felt some disappointment, Cameron would not do it then. 

“But…” she continued. But?

“But you aren’t quite the monster I remembered you to be.” And she blushed. 

Damned if he didn’t have the strangest urge, at that moment, to thank his damned father for choosing such a precious gem. 

Because he liked her. 

Breathtakingly beautiful, her nature was sweet, if not a little irritable. She seemed intelligent enough and even had a sense of humor. 

Good heavens, his father had found him the perfect debutante after all.

The Perfect Spinster, Released August 2019

"The Perfect Spinster has left me desperate to read more from Annabelle Anders."––Bibliophile Ramblings.

Not moving his gaze from her face, he lifted the dandelion and traced it along the curve of her cheek.

Her chin.

And then her lips.

“Is this what friends do, Gabriel?” Her smile faded as she gazed back at him.

Friends? No. The thoughts in his mind had nothing to do with friendship. 
And then she sighed and turned her face away. “I’ve never had a male friend before. Do you have many lady friends?”

He’d never been interested in friendship with the ladies of his acquaintance.  Pursuing such with most ladies of the ton might be considered dangerous. 

Nonetheless, he had taken risks with a few widows and of course, some select lady birds of the demi monde. “A few.” He answered vaguely, drawing the petals along the corner of her eye now. 

“Friends do not kiss, do they Gabriel?”

He chuckled. “Generally, no.” 

But then he trailed the flower to the pink flesh of her lips, and when her mouth parted for him, all thoughts of laughter fled.

“You wish to kiss me now, don’t you?” Her voice dropped to almost a whisper and her slightly hooded gaze met his with unabashed honesty. “I am not mistaken. You are very close to me. There is something…” Her voice trailed off as she seemed to search for the words.

“Something?” Her innocence delighted him.

“Heavy.” She said. “Warm.”

“In the air?”

“No.” Her eyes narrowed slightly. “You.” 

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