*Honorable Earl 

*American Heiress  

*A Losing bet that changes everything

Miss Charley Jackson didn’t want to sail to England. The British are stuffy, and arrogant, and think far too highly of themselves. Particularly, the ones who referred to themselves as Lords. 

Julian Wellstone, the Earl of Westerley, never walked away from a bet but should have known his luck would eventually run out. He should have known a time would come when the gambling tables would turn against him.

Which is exactly what happened when he played “one more hand” and lost the game of a lifetime to American Whiskey King, Mr. Daniel Jackson. Jules has no choice but to honor the bet and court the man’s daughter—a chit who managed to get under his skin from the moment he met her. But honor is everything. 

Until love deals him a new hand. And once the lines are blurred, all bets are off. Will he fold and walk away, or will he ante up his heart and risk everything for the love of a lifetime?

*Secret Crush 

*Brother's Friend 

*Rake Falls for the Spinster

Lady Bethany Wellstone’s season in London was cut short when her father is killed in a duel. She believes it is a sign—a sign that she was never meant to marry. Besides, no one can ever live up to the man she’s secretly loved for most of her life — a man who also happens to be one of her brother’s closest friends. 

“Chase” the Baron of Chaswick, is far too much of a rake to notice the likes of Bethany. Aside from being the most beautiful man she’s ever known, he’s charming, kind and all a woman could ever want. She’ll suffer her unrequited love from the sidelines. It ought to be enough. And it is. 

That is… until it isn’t.

*Lovable Hero 

*Brother's Friend.  

*Compromised Heroine

If Lady Tabetha Wellstone can land a titled gentleman for a husband, she’s certain to earn her mother’s approval once and for all—and the higher the title, the better. So there is no way she’ll allow herself to fall for Stone Spence, second son of the Earl of Ravensdale—a mere Mister, for heaven’s sake. Even if he is tall, dark and incredibly handsome…

As the loser of a bet, Stone ‘wins’ the distinctive honor of watching out for his good friend Lord Westerley’s youngest sister for the duration of the spring season. She’s spoiled, and headstrong and… determined to make his task impossible. In the end, he may be able to protect her from herself, but who will protect her from him?

Or is Stone the one who needs protecting?



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