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In the Rakes of Rotten Row Series, the Marquess of Winterhope reigns as a master of horse racing, with his heart devoted solely to his stable of steeds. A proper gentleman in every sense, he navigates high society and intrigue with ease. He’s only failed to master one last necessity: Love.

When it finally thunders into his life, will he yield to its call or continue to outrun the temptations of the season?

Pall Mall Peer

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Release Date: February 6, 2024
Series: The Rakes of Rotten Row
Book Number: 4 in the series
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     Ben dropped a very intentional kiss on the corner of her mouth. It lasted less than a second, but rather than draw away, he hovered there, tasting her breath. 
    This time tomorrow, she’d be his wife. 
    Had he been planning to kiss her? He couldn’t be sure. He flicked his tongue into the tiny corner a second time. 
    And then, sliding to the bow, sucked her top lip between his. 
    His arms began to shake, not because they were tired, or because he was cold, but because he was holding back decades of desire. It thundered in his ears, occupied his chest, and then roared through his limbs. 
    “Tomorrow.” He exhaled and the word vibrated between them. It was both a reminder and a promise. 
    She licked her lips. “We will both learn to ride.” From anyone else, in any other context, her statement would have been an innocent one. 
    But she wasn’t talking about horses. 
    And they both knew it.

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