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THE DUKE -- After managing a dukedom and serving in the House of Lords for nearly a decade, Michael Cortland has finally become betrothed to the perfect lady, Natalie Spencer. While traveling to London for the 1824 parliamentary season however, a highway robbery leaves him stranded and mired in mud. All of his strategic plans are called into question when his first love happens along to “rescue” him.
 THE WIDOW -- Thankfully widowed after enduring a forced marriage for eight years, Lilly Beauchamp is returning to London to present her stepdaughter to society. Unable to resist, she finds herself aiding the man who betrayed her years ago. As the facts behind their estrangement emerge however, blame shifts and passions are reignited.
Amidst political and social intrigue, Lilly discovers her inner strengths while Michael reconciles a gentleman’s honor with his heart’s desire and his conscience. Falling in love all over again, new challenges face the star-crossed lovers. There is a choice after all, but do they have the strength and courage to choose each other?

Nobody's Lady

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Re-release Date: July 18, 2023
Series: Lord Love a Lady
Book Number: 1 in the series
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