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Alex Cross, the Duke of "Ice" has more than earned the nickname given him by the ton. Having lost his family in a tragic accident a few years before, he is now cynical, blasé and arrogant. The duke no longer expects happiness, but will not reject sensual pleasure if it is offered. After all, a man has needs...
...none of which will be met, unfortunately, at this particular house party. For most of his fellow guests are either elderly gossips or stodgy old codgers and the entertainments thus far have been something of a snooze, really: parlor games, nature walks, etc... etc...
And if all that isn’t enough to send him running, his host expects him to court his recently jilted daughter, the simpering miss, Lady Natalie. Oh, hell no! He'll make his excuses and depart early. Perhaps he will return to London to replace his mistress. He'd had to relinquish Elise after she'd become cloying and possessive.
He fails to escape, however, before Miss Abigail Wright arrives. The barely genteel lady smiles too often, laughs too easily, and is far too optimistic for her own good. And after she experiences a most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, the Duke of Ice reluctantly finds himself sexually attracted to her.
That’s when the trouble begins.
Because a House Party Scandal spreads like wild fire and if the duke wishes to save Miss Wright’s reputation, he’ll have to make her a respectable offer. She's just a mouse of a thing really. What harm can there be in marrying the poor gal and then leaving her to rusticate in the country?
What harm indeed.

Lady Saves the Duke

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Re-release Date: July 18, 2023
Series: Lord Love a Lady
Book Number: 3 in the series
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