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Jilted by one future duke, Lila has no choice but to wed another. She will marry the man, escape from her father's clutches and free her sister as well. Her groom is simply the means to an end, that is, until he becomes so much more.

Forced to honor his dead brother's debts, Vincent Saint-Pierre, the Duke of Pemberth, travels to Lord Quimbly's estate to shackle himself to the Earl's oldest daughter. Taking a wife is the last thing he wants or needs, and yet, his unlikely bride threatens to capture his heart.

Friendship and pleasure sow seeds of affection, but weeds of the past threaten to strangle the newlywed's love. Can Vincent and Lila avoid deadly thorns, or will their love be poisoned before joy can blossom?

Hell's Wedding Bells (Novella)

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Release Date: February 29, 2020
Series: Devilish Debutantes 
Book Number: 7 in the series
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After driving the dukedom deeply into debt and then gambling away anything left of value, Keenan had not even had the decency to remain on this earth to face the consequences of his actions. No, he’d left that for Vincent. 


A penniless dukedom, a broken-down estate, and now this. The promise to marry Quimbly’s daughter sight unseen. His brother’s vowels had not died with him. No, they, too, had been bequeathed to Vincent. He’d like to hate his brother for it, if only he hadn’t loved the benighted fool. 


A noise at the door had him turning in some curiosity. The older woman, he presumed to be the countess. She was followed by a timid-looking creature wearing a color that offended his eyes. 


Good God. Beneath the hideous garments appeared to be a shapeless form, part of the hem dragging behind her as she shuffled into the room, head ducked meekly. 


He barely contained a groan. But of course, his brother had saddled him with an antidote. Not that it mattered, he supposed. He’d likely be too busy working his own land to seek any satisfaction with her. Although he’d require an heir.


Vincent made no comment, choosing instead to bow toward the countess. 


Lord Quimbly wasn’t so considerate. 


“Good God, Lila. It isn’t going to work. Step over here, this instant.” Lady Lila. The name hinted at a feminine beauty he’d not seen so far. She hesitated only an instant before doing as the earl bid. Before she made it halfway across the room, however, her father had stepped forward to tug at the shawl before then tearing it off of her shoulders. She nearly lost her balance at the violence of his gesture. 


“Now, here.” Vincent stepped forward. “That’s not necessary.” 


“I know my daughter, Pemberth. She’s doing this on purpose.” And with his other hand, his fingers delved into the back of her head. 


The girl covered her face with her hands while Quimbly, her father, dragged out a few pins, releasing the twisted mane to tumble down her back to just past her waist. With one last motion, the earl forced the girl to drop her hands.


“See. Not so bad.” Quimbly tilted her chin up and turned her face in Vincent’s direction with some satisfaction. 


Vincent swallowed hard. Her beauty stunned him. 


His soon-to-be wife.

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