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Sometimes a lady needs a hero who is willing to break the rules in order to save her.

Sophia Babineaux has landed a husband! And a good one at that! Lord Harold, the second son of a duke, is kind, gentle, undemanding. Perhaps a little too undemanding? Because after one chance encounter with skilled rake, Captain Devlin Brooks, it is glaringly obvious that something is missing between Lord Harold and herself… passion… sizzle… well… everything. And marriage is forever! Will her parents allow her to reconsider? Absolutely not.

War hero, Devlin Brookes, is ready to marry and thinks Sophia Babineaux might be the one. One itsy bitsy problem: she’s engaged to his cousin, Harold. But Devlin knows the truth about his cousin and damned if Harold hasn’t been coerced into this betrothal by his manipulative father, the Duke of Prescott—a man who always gets what he wants.

Devlin, Sophia and Harold conspire to thwart the duke’s wishes but fail to consider a few vital, unintended consequences.

Will fate step aside for these two soulmates, or will it punish them forever for daring to claim their happily ever after? An epic romance for two people willing to go through hell for one another... in a hand basket, of course.

Hell In A Hand Basket

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Release Date: January 13, 2020
Series: Devilish Debutantes 
Book Number: 2 in the series
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This gentleman, this total stranger, seemed to understand her better than her fiancé did — better than even her closest of friends!


But Harold did love her. He’d said so, hadn’t he? Of course, he had! And Harold would care for her and eventually, her mother as well. 


As she so often did when she was not having a care, her next thoughts slipped out of her mouth. “I do like you, Captain Brookes.” And she smiled at him. She did like him!


He could be a friend. A respected acquaintance.


Yes, they could be friends.


Except for the kissing… and the licking of sugar off one’s nose…

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