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The Earl of Standish couldn't have a worse name. He's not in good standing anywhere, but with luck and the right bride, that should all change...

As the Duke of Crossing’s overlooked daughter, Lady Marigold Hathaway’s prospects are limited, at best. So when Lord Standish comes to her with a shocking proposition, she can’t help but consider it.

When everyone has always wanted her older sister, why would this handsome earl suddenly want her? And does it matter, seeing as she was halfway to falling in love with him anyway?
Hanover Square Spare was initially titled Earl of Standish, and was published on Jan.3, 2023, in Wicked Earls Forever. This edition includes exclusive bonus content and is book 1 of Annabelle Anders’ newest series, Rakes of Rotten Row.

Hanover Square Spare

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Release Date: April 21, 2023
Series: The Rakes of Rotten Row
Book Number: 1 in the series
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