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When scandal threatens her brother, there is only one thing for Lady Caroline Rutherford to do. She'll use her wit and pluck to land a position at the paper that threatens to spread the rumors. Her family can't be ruined if the lies are kept out of print.

Mr. Maxwell Black, the Earl of Helton, took ownership of the London Gazette to reestablish the paper as a legitimate source of news. Unfortunately, the paper’s issues run far deeper than he ever imagined, and when help comes along, it’s from a most unlikely source: a stunning debutante.

The deeper they dig, the more dangerous their quest becomes, and soon, Caroline's very life hangs in the balance. He wanted to tell a good story, but he's embroiled in one of his own. Because this headline is breaking news, but it could break him.

And with love on the byline, he needs to decide…

Does he bury the lead and cut his losses, or put his heart on the line and make it front page news?

Fleet Street Scoundrel

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Release Date: October 24, 2023
Series: The Rakes of Rotten Row
Book Number: 3 in the series
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