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Educated by the Earl
Miss Victoria Shipley has long since abandoned hope for a happily-ever-after. She is straightlaced, proper and takes her position as assistant headmistress quite seriously.

The Earl of Rosewood, however, has different ideas for Miss Shipley. He's decided to provide her with an educations she most certainly cannot obtain while teaching at Miss Primm's.

Educated by the Earl

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Release Date: November 16, 2021
Series: Miss Primm's Secret School For Budding Bluestockings
Book Number: 2 in the series
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“Did he turn out as to be as good of a man as you have?”

“Don’t.” He answered. “Don’t pretend you approve of me. How many times have you already said otherwise?”

“True,” she surprised him by answering. “Although, my feet are coming to think differently.” She grinned and in an instant, with nothing more than a smile, she’d extinguished the frustration of this conversation.

He exhaled, startled. “You have wise feet.”

“Perhaps my most intelligent feature.” She laughed and this time his breath caught in his throat. Her eyes squinted and he could see her tongue just behind her lips. Her laughter felt like a reward.

Working his fingers up her gently rounded calves, he only knew he wanted to hear it again. In fact, as he slid his hand beneath her skirts, he wondered what other sounds he could draw from her. Victoria’s laughter caught, and when her lips parted, her smile dropped away. He squeezed the flesh just above her knee. “Tell me to stop and I will.”

Her mouth moved but no sound came out.
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