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A Fake Courtship that becomes all-too-real...

The Marquess of Greystone is responsible for carrying on his family’s name and he’s determined to fulfill his duty. He will marry a proper lady, of a proper lineage, and produce an heir. He’s even gone so far as to obtain permission to court Lady Isabella, the debutante he’s decided would make an excellent marchioness.

But first, as a favor to his friend the Baron of Chaswick, he’s promised to assist in easing the man’s illegitimate sister’s entrance into society. A trip around a lake in a rowboat and a drive through Hyde Park ought to be enough to help the chit feel welcome.

Step into the past and fall in love with these Regency Cocky Gents, where a group of Englands' sexiest cocksure lords lose their hearts to headstrong, intoxicating ladies who don't always follow the rules. Seven completed novels to make up your next binge!Miss Diana Jones believed her brother’s title would pave the way for her entrance into society but gaining the acceptance of the ton is not so simple as that. When her brother’s friend rows her around the lake and another gentleman takes notice, she cannot help but believe if the Marquess were to appear to be actually courting her, she’d have no trouble at all attracting a suitable husband. Despite Lord Greystone’s advanced age of nine and twenty, he is lofty, proper, and a little stuffy. He’s the perfect man to pretend that she’s captured his heart!

And of course, he will help her, he’s one of her brother’s best friends.

What begins as a game of pretend turns both of their plans upside down when their feigned affection blossoms into genuine feelings neither bargained for.

Lust. Joy. Love?

Will the marquess and Diana overcome their differences or will those differences keep them from knowing the love of a lifetime?

Cocky Marquess

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Release Date: July 6, 2021
Series: Regency Cocky Gents 
Book Number: 6 in the series
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“Oh,” she barely managed to breathe the syllable while suddenly comprehending the taste, the heat, and the texture of kissing the Marquess of Greystone.

Spicy, warm, and firm but also softer than she’d imagined—because yes, heaven help her, she had imagined being kissed by him a time or two.

Despite his age.

Despite his title.

Despite his lofty confidence and likely immeasurable stores of experience.

Diana was torn between cataloging every last sensation of this kiss—her very first—so that she could more easily remember it long into the future and…

Allowing all those fantastic sensations to curl her toes.

His tongue teased beyond her teeth to wrestle with hers and…

The toe-curling won.


Of all the people in her life, she never would have guessed the Marquess of Greystone would be the one to show her what it felt like to fly. 


And for once, he wasn’t managing his feelings, but his feelings were managing him.

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