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A cynical widow, a devoted musician, and a most unlikely Christmas pact.

Mr. Peter Spencer isn't interested in anything but his music, until, that is, a most unlikely lady touches his soul. She reminds him of a perfectly made violin that's languished untuned for far too long. Unfortunately, she also intimidates the hell out of him.

Lady Starling has lost hope and faith in everything around her. Love only betrays, it never fulfills its promise. Can Peter convince her to trust her heart or will she turn her back on a future with the man of her dreams?

Cocky Brother

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Release Date: March 7, 2021
Series: Regency Cocky Gents 
Book Number: 4 in the series

Originally Published Dec. 2020 as "Mayfair Maidens" in the Twelve Days of Christmas)
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Cocky Brother… a dedicated cellist finds the love of his life but she refuses to allow him to give up his music for her.


Peter had considered the possibility of kissing her before asking her to accompany him in the garden. In fact, he'd be lying to himself to deny that he'd wondered how her sumptuous body would feel pressed against his.

He no longer had to wonder. He stifled a groan.

The sensation of her breasts against his chest was even better than he'd imagined.

"Not so angelic, after all. Are you, Peter Spencer?" she whispered against his lips at the same time she stroked the wool of his trousers where his already engorged cock pulsed, eager to escape the confines of clothing. 

She rubbed her palm over the stretched fabric, up and down his length, and then in a slow circle. She wasn't afraid to apply force, to create friction.

It felt good. So damn good. 

He wasn't a virgin. Not at all, in fact. But more recently, he'd dedicated all of his attention to his music. Any physical release he'd enjoyed over the past two years had come at his own hand. Was this why he'd asked her to follow him into a dark garden? 

He jerked his hips away from her. Much more and he was going to embarrass himself. 

Logically, he knew there was nothing exceptional in this sort of behavior. Lady Starling was not a husband-hunting innocent. But marriage wasn't in his future, near or otherwise, and he needed to be certain she understood that.

"Lady Starling." He grasped her wrist. "I cannot make an honest woman of you." 

She laughed. And if anything, his words emboldened her. She pushed his waistcoat aside and fumbled at the buttons of his trousers. "I am quite aware, Mr. Spencer. And I won't attempt to make an honest man of you. I simply want you inside me."

"You don't have to—" He gasped. 

Her hand wrapped around his cock, sliding and squeezing, rubbing, exerting the perfect amount of pressure, promising unheard of pleasure.

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