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Leopold Beckworth, son of a London prostitute, was abandoned as a child on the docks of London at a very young age. The odds were stacked against him, and yet, relying on nothing but his cunning and eventually, brute strength, he did better than survive, he thrived.

Ironically, he’s amassed power most aristocrats envy—along with great wealth—all while holding little regard for society. His people are the poor, the pickpockets, and thieves of London, and amongst them, Leopold is known as the King of Bond Street.

Lady Amelia Crowley, daughter of a marquess, is Leopold’s opposite in every way. Having mastered all the skills to be a perfect society wife, she is naive and good-hearted, and also quite content to make her parents proud by marrying a wealthy and titled husband.

Until she meets Mr. Beckworth.

Amelia sees beyond his gruff exterior, recognizing a man starved for love—a man with a shattered and empty heart—and his very existence throws her life out of balance. Can she deny her feelings and live the life she’s been groomed for, or will she find the courage to reach for more—which involves turning her back on society to be with the man she loves?

Bond Street Bachelor

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Release Date: July 9, 2024
Series: The Rakes of Rotten Row
Book Number: 5 in the series



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