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I write the books that I want to read. Fun, sexy, sizzle. I insist my heroines and heroes better themselves before finding happiness together. Like life, my romances can bring you to tears, make you laugh out loud and then experience all of the feels of a good first kiss… and more.

COCKY BROTHER: Book 4 of the Regency Cocky Gents

Mr. Peter Spencer isn't interested in anything but his music, until, that is, a most unlikely lady touches his soul. She reminds him of a perfectly made violin that's languished untuned for far too long. Unfortunately, she also intimidates the hell out of him.

Lady Starling has lost hope and faith in everything around her. Love only betrays, it never fulfills its promise. Can Peter convince her to trust her heart or will she turn her back on a future with the man of her dreams? 

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COCKY VISCOUNT: Book 5 of the Regency Cocky Gents

Viscount Manningham-Tissenton and Lady Felicity's story - now available for pre-order!

Releasing April 27, 2021!

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Annabelle Anders writes the sort of heroines I’d like to be best friends with- intelligent, funny, proactive and know exactly how to go after what they want. Her heroes… sigh… well they are just plain swoon-worthy!…


~Virginia Heath, Harlequin Historical Romance Author of the highly popular Wild Warriners Series and nominee for the distinguished RoNA in 2017.

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