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I write the books that I want to read. Fun, sexy, sizzle. I insist my heroines and heroes better themselves before finding happiness together. Like life, my romances can bring you to tears, make you laugh out loud and then experience all of the feels of a good first kiss… and more.
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Ieopold Beckworth, son of a London prostitute, was abandoned as a child on the docks of London at a very young age. The odds were stacked against him, and yet, relying on nothing but his cunning and eventually, brute strength, he did better than survive, he thrived.

Amelia sees beyond his gruff exterior, recognizing a man starved for love—a man with a shattered and empty heart—and his very existence throws her life out of balance. Can she deny her feelings and live the life she’s been groomed for, or will she find the courage to reach for more—which involves turning her back on society to be with the man she loves?

Releasing on July 9, 2024. Click here to preorder!
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Bond Street Bachelor
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