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Lady Priscilla, declared ruined the year of her come-out, loves teaching home economics and history at Miss Primm's Private Seminary for the Education of Ladies. She adores most of her students and will do almost anything for them. In fact, under the direst of circumstances, she's even willing to pretend to impersonate one of them...

Everything goes swimmingly until she finds herself falling in love with Emerson Huntington, the Baron of Middlebrook--aka—her student’s betrothed…

Pretending to be a Debutante

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Release Date: February 1, 2022
Series: Miss Primm's Secret School For Budding Bluestockings
Book Number: 3 in the series
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He dropped his hand to the back of her neck. “I’m going to kiss you.”

Fair warning was going to have to suffice. 

“It isn’t going to change anything,” she whispered as he leaned closer.

Ah, but it would. “I’ve wanted to several times now. Even that first day by the lake.” 

In answer, she licked her lips.

“In the parlor, when your teachers allowed me a few moments alone. But I knew we’d be interrupted.”


Yes, they’d be interrupted? Or yes, she’d wanted him to kiss her then as well? It didn’t matter.

“And this morning. I was going to kiss you when we made it down to the beach, but,” His voice trailed off as he caressed her face with his gaze. She had eyes that were far too somber and mysterious for one so young. The natural curve of her cheek drew his eyes to the curve between her shoulder and neck. 

“But then you fell.”

Hunt nodded, annoyed with himself. “Not very heroic of me.”

But she’d admitted to liking him anyway. And he didn’t need to notice that she’d leaned into him, or that she’d twisted to face him better to know that she wanted him to kiss her.

She’d wanted the same since that first day as well.

He’d bet his estate on it—what was left of it anyway.

“No more games,” his voice came out gruffer than he’d intended. 

He drew back her hair and lowered his mouth that tender spot behind her ear. 

“No games.” Her voice trembled.
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