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She can't make a baby without a husband! Or can she?

After witnessing the miracle of birth, self-determined spinster Miss Penelope Crone is having second thoughts about swearing off marriage. She wants – no, she needs – to experience the blessed event herself. Dear God, she’s practically thirty! Time is running out!

Hugh Chesterton, Viscount Danbury, is relatively intelligent, good looking, unmarried, and most importantly, close at hand. With a little décolletage, a sway of the hips, and a few drinks of brandy, Penelope is certain she can extract a respectable offer.

If only she’d accounted for the power of passion.

Because unchecked lust takes over, leaving Penelope in a most precarious predicament. And Lord Danbury –– the goose-brained jackanapes –– is proving far less attainable than she’d imagined.

Is Penelope to be cast out of society or will Lord Danbury take a leap of faith and save her from ruin? He'd better act fast if he's going to make her his lady. His Lady At Last...


Lady At Last

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Release Date: April 30, 2019
Series: Lord Love a Lady
Book Number: 4 in the series
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A miracle. It had taken a miracle to change Penelope Cross’s mind about spinsterhood, but her mind had changed, nonetheless.


Penelope wrinkled her nose. Had it been a miracle? It was simply a baby. A birth. The creation of life.


Perhaps it was a miracle, after all. Penelope placed her gloved hands atop the sturdy fence post, leaned her head forward, and pressed it against the wood. The air was crisp; the sun bright. A bit of snow remained in the shaded areas of the meadow.


It ought to be a perfectly normal February evening.


But it was not.


After thirty-six hours of labor pains, her dear friend, Lilly, the Duchess of Cortland, had finally given birth to a tiny, red-faced, wiggling, and wrinkled human. He was all of two hours old.


Penelope had witnessed the entire event. And oh, what a spectacle it had been. One would think at the ripe age of eight-and-twenty that nothing could change her mind about what she wanted in life. But this…


Seeing a child enter the world...


Well, it had.


And the craziest thought had developed as she’d assisted the midwife in cleaning the squirming, slimy little creature before handing him over to his exhausted mother.


I want one.


Which, of course, changed everything.

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