Family rivalries are no match for love.

Neither is who they say they are. He thinks she’s a lady and she thinks he’s a gentleman. Even so, the seeds of romance are planted when they meet over a broken carriage and a small dog. 

When they discover each other’s true identities at a mutual acquaintance’s country house party, sparks fly. But with brothers who are arch rivals, does their love stand a chance to blossom?

"Your First Kiss holds the answer to all that you desire."

The fortune drew only laughter from Matilda Fortune when Madame Zeta, a visiting gypsy uttered the ridiculous words.. At eight and twenty, Tildy's first kiss had long come and gone. As had the gentleman who bestowed it...

The Earl of Willoughby, widowed and lost, has given up on love. Since the death of his wife, he's lived in a fog. In route to London for the season, his mischievous daughters insist upon stopping at a small village to have their fortunes told at a traveling fair. If only he hadn't allowed the gypsy to read his palm. Is it possible, his future is hidden in the past?

​Miss Fortune's First Kiss is the ninth book in the Fortunes of Fate shared world, and may be enjoyed as a standalone novel or read in order. It is also the first book in Annabelle Anders' Miss Fortune series. 

Mrs. Ambrosia Bloomington, now a widow, is ready to start a new life amongst Mayfair elites without the overarching reach of her late husband, Mr. Harrison Bloomington.  With her trunks loaded safely onto her own private carriage, she’s ready to face the world as an independent woman in Regency London.


She does not, however, bargain for cocksure Frenchman, Mr. Cochran Charles Bateman coming along and turning her very ordinary journey into the adventure of a lifetime. 


She does not bargain for his laughter, his enthusiasm, nor his Joie de vie.


And blast and fiddlesticks, she certainly is not expecting to experience the sparks that charge the air between them.


And, it seems, apparently, neither is he…

If you like Cocky Duke, watch for Annabelle’s 

REGENCY COCKY GENTS series, coming August 2020!

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