Read All Four Devilish Debutantes Books

As of December 12th, all four devilish debutantes stories will be published! In addition to Cecily, Sophia, Emily and Rhoda, I've also written a Happily Ever After for the Duchess of Prescott...( I HAD to after all the horrid things I put her through in Hell in a Hand Basket.)

Here they are in order! Have you missed any?

Hell Hath No Fury: Cecily's Story

Hell in a Hand Basket: Sophia's Story

Hell Hath Frozen Over (In Yuletide Anthology): The (elder) Duchess of Prescott

Hell's Belle: Emily's Story

Hell of a Lady (Preorder Releases 12/12): Rhoda's Story

I can't believe it's already November! As always thank you so much for your support and drop me a line anytime! I love hearing from Readers!

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