Hell In A Hand Basket Releases in One Week!

And to celebrate, my publisher has placed Hell Hath No Fury on sale for 99 Cents!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2tC9RPg

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2u4Cnew

What Reviewers are saying about HELL HATH NO FURY… Five Star Average on AMAZON!

“…know that the author has written this story in a way that you are utterly satisfied with the conclusion.” “

"Hell Hath No Fury" was MY FIRST Historical romance read and I really enjoyed it… I will read this book again along with other Historical Romances.”

“I’d forgotten how much I liked Historical Romances!”

“What a fun and original story! This tale takes the reader from one hilarious vignette to the next. A scorned bride. A callous earl. A hyper responsible cousin and heir. Cheerful friends. A vengeful mistress. Dueling papas. Oh my!”

“You will love this book and be sorry when it ends.”


RELEASES January 22nd!

“Thus reads the Banns of marriage between Lord Harold Brooks and Miss Sophia Babineaux.

If any of you know cause why these two should not be joined in Holy matrimony, ye are to declare it. “

Would anybody declare it?


THE BRIDE wants to declare it. The heat Sophia feels for another man has given her a bad case of cold feet! She’d never even been kissed, how was she to know the importance of sizzle? By the time she realizes her mistake it may be too late...

THE GROOM never wanted to marry Sophia in the first place. His interests (ahem) lie elsewhere. Unfortunately, with a duke for a father, Lord Harold’s opinion makes no difference at all.

So it’s up to war hero and rake, Captain Devlin Brooks to set matters right. He’s returned from war and ready to settle down, unfortunately the girl he’s wants is, well, ah… unavailable.

But he has a plan.

Once set in motion, one lie turns into a spiral of deceit and guilt. Was one shot at heaven worth a lifetime of hell?

Because love endures but the heart has it’s limits.

Or does it?

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