Edits and Rewrites


Necessary evils one must co-exist with as a writer.

Except that, sometimes, it’s during those excruciating rewrites and edits, that characters and plots gain the dimension and depth that cause them to be intriguing to the reader.

While executing what was supposed to be the last edit on HELL HATH NO FURY, I thought something was missing from the Snake incident… like. I mean, why an adder?

I don’t know a great deal about snakes, but even I KNEW that the adder would most likely NOT kill a person… So, WHY DID I make the snake an adder? Well, so that it would not actually KILL Cecily when it bit her, right?

But the attempted murderer WANTED to KILL Cecily… so why did THEY choose to put an adder in her bed?

AHA! The person who CHOSE the Adder, the person assigned to procure a snake for the deed didn’t really WANT for Cecily to DIE!

All of this came to me in the FINAL EDIT! LOL… BTW, my editor made me do one more run through after that… I’d added so many little rewrites…

Anyhow, I think that those last minute changes put the cherry on top for that character. It made him more interesting, more like how people REALLY are.

So, even though I whine and cry and complain about editing and rewrites… They always bring the book up another notch… And that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Hope I haven’t spoiled anything for any of you!

Happy Reading!

Hell Hath No Fury

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