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Hell Hath No Fury is the first of my books to be published and so I wanted to share a bit of the process with my FACEBOOK family, friends and readers!

Aside from receiving an offer from a publisher, one of the most exciting steps in the publishing process is designing the cover!

Lucky me!

I got to work with amazing graphic/cover artist, Jena Brignola - you may not realize it, but her artwork can be found on books everywhere. She was sweet and fun and sooooo easy to work with!

Not to disillusion you all, but we did NOT audition models and then contract a spectacular photo shoot… Instead, the first step was to select an image from a stock photo website… which, I’ll admit, was pretty stressful in itself. Stressful, you ask? Absolutely! This was going to be the face of my BABY! LOL

So you have all seen my finished cover, right? I wanted Cecily to be in the water, wet, in an elegant dress… (taken from one of the scenes in the story). But instead of the actual scene in the story, I wanted her to be with Stephen… a swoon worthy and gorgeous gentleman!

I must say, there are not many images on stock websites that meet this criteria.

I came across an image, though, with a girl, looking fiesta and more than a little satisfied with herself, as she embraced the man of her dreams.

Except she was a bride and the photo had a decidedly modern look to it.

So, Jena worked a little magic, changed the dress to red, and played with a few other details to achieve a more timeless image.

Still, though, Nate (Blue Tulip Editor in Chief) and Rachel Van Dyken (world famous Romance Novelista) thought the image wasn’t “Regency” enough. It's important that the cover portray genre as well as story!

They had a point.

Jena added puffed sleeves to Cecily’s dress and played with the colors.

It was perfect.

I know it doesn’t look like a traditional regency romance novel, but the story itself is just a tad different than most… it has some comedy, and a delicious twist on karma and betrayal…so… yes, a little different, but to me… it was perfect.

I hope you like the cover… it really is something from my own imagination, created and improved upon by a few experts. But even more importantly, I hope you LOVE the book! Happy Reading!

Hell Hath No Fury


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