Remember those old Harlequins from the 70's and 80's? Where would I be without them?

I remember when I was a teenager, reading Harlequin Romances. I loved them and yet, I was always left feeling oddly dissatisfied. The heroines seemed powerless and the heroes lacked emotion. Authors seemed to thrive on writing heroes who were arrogant, strong, and silent. When they weren't being silent, they were throwing accusations at the poor heroine, or insults...

Amazing I loved romance so much back then.

When I went away to college, I didn't read much anymore... too busy searching for life, I guess. And then I gave birth to my daughter in 1991, another in 1993 and my son in 1995. I had no time to read after that for years!

As they grew up and went to school, somewhere along the line I picked up a Jennifer Cruise (contemporary romance) and became an instant fan. Not only did her gals have tons and tons of spunk, but her heroes showed emotions! And the book jumped Point of Views now and then so we could "hear" what both characters were thinking.

I was hooked on romance all over again. But contemporary... only contemporary.

Until my mom sent me a Mary Balogh novel. Dang, that woman can write! She'd manage to write female characters, in oppressive settings and give them all kinds of spunk and intelligence. And her males... (sigh) swoon worthy... oh, so swoon worthy! I will forever dream of Beowulf from Slightly Dangerous...

She even did that Point of View thing... where I could peak at into both character's heads.

After devouring all of Mary's books, I moved on to Sarah McLean, Julia Quinn, Maya Rodale and other great historical authors. And something grew inside of me. I'd lay in the bathtub... my thinking place to this day... and dream up my own stories...

That's how I began writing... I hope I can provide even half the enjoyment these great authors have provided me. And you can trust that my gals will have spunk and my men will have feelings. And third person, cause I love knowing both sides of a great romance!

And hopefully you'll catch a little bit of the fun I loved about Jennifer Cruise's books.

Happy Reading!

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