An Accidental Book :)

Hell Hath No Fury was never meant to become a book, let alone a series. I'd been struggling with the first chapters of my books... inserting too much back story, and I decided to play with the idea of writing an intriguing first chapter – not worrying about the rest of the book at all. So I sat down and just let my juices start flowing... Hmmm.. A girl, of course, how about a girl who is drinking too much? I've never read a regency that started out that way. And how about I make her angry? Very Angry! Why is she angry? Well, she's been betrayed! By who? And the story just kind of rolled along from there. It only took me three weeks to write the rest of the book. (My other books have all taken about 6 weeks.) It was weird how the story just developed on it's own... I wrote the book in the summer of 2015. The agent I was attempting to land read through it and said she loved it but not enough to try to sell it... I later learned she'd basically stopped taking on new romance authors. At this point I still don't have an agent and I'm not sure I'll go after one... I'm learning so much about publishing right now! I wrote the second book in this series last December (2016) and am prepping it to send in to Blue Tulip Publishing as we speak. It's present title is Hell in a Hand

basket. It is Sophia's story. Harold is not all that he seems and Sophia has a rocky road ahead! I can't wait to begin working on the cover and hopefully this will release around Thanksgiving sometime! Meanwhile, I'll keep all of you posted as to all that I'm up to! Thanks for reading! Ya gotta love a happy ending, right?

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