Includes the first three books in the Not So Saintly Sisters series: The Perfect Debutante, The Perfect Spinster, and The Perfect Christmas.

Sister #1: Louella, The Perfect Debutante

HEIR TO A DUKE, A DEBUTANTE AND AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE ...It couldn't have been any more perfect…

MISS LOUELLA ROSE is Sweet, Beautiful. Refined. The answer to all her family's woes. But beneath her flawless complexion, behind her mesmerizing eyes, she hides a secret shame.

LORD STANTON promised to marry the woman of his father’s choice by the age of thirty and that time has finally come. To his surprise and delight, the chosen lady is the perfect debutante, for him anyhow, and he couldn’t be happier... until he discovers the scars that make no sense – scars that shatter the illusion of perfection.

LIES, greed and blood lay waste to a most promising marriage. Can their love overcome the ravages of guilt and carry them through life’s imperfections?

Sister #2: Olivia, The Perfect Spinster

MISS OLIVIA REDFIELD labors under no misapprehension that anything other than spinsterhood lies in her future. Not for lack of dowry, or breeding, or education, but because of one tiny flaw.... one might even call it... a curse. Removed from society for this ill-fated defect, she’s resigned herself to caring for others in a somewhat dreary existence. Until, that is, she falls for the charming but unattainable, Lord Kingsley.

GABRIEL FELLOWES, Earl of Kingsley is doing a favor for a friend by overseeing the dangerous–– but promising––mine on the border of Viscount Hallowell’s property. With time to spare, he finds himself irresistibly intrigued by the viscount’s daughter, Miss Olivia Redfield, and delights himself in their mutual provocation. In no position to promise more than a dalliance, but unable to stay away, Gabriel takes the unprecedented step of befriending a woman.

FLIRTATIOUS attachment threatens to erupt into passion, but duty and honor forbid anything more. Will love be defeated when tragedy strikes, or can Olivia and Gabriel put the curse to rest once and for all?

Sister #3: Eliza, The Perfect Christmas

MISS ELIZA CLINE, a vicar’s sister, has accepted her life as a quiet industrious spinster.

LORD CRESTWOOD, the dashing widowed baron, is the rogue from her past.

AN UNEXPECTED MEETING at a Christmas House party presents them both with a second chance. But Eliza must decide: has the Baron’s unforgivable sin already doomed their love forever?

This is a story about forgiveness.

Over the course of a lifetime, a person is faced with millions of choices, some more difficult than others. And sometimes, we make the wrong ones.

In a world filled with hard consequences, we need grace.

Originally published in the Yuletide Happily Ever After Anthology, this edition of The Perfect Christmas includes added bonus material for your reading pleasure.

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