All four stories are completed!

They will begin releasing  ~ 2018 from The Wild Rose Press!

Nobody's Lady... (Book One)

A London deb and a military hero meet at a ball and fall in love (sigh). They succumb to passion out of wedlock, but due to unimaginable circumstances are tragically separated. Of course, she suffers the consequences while he goes on to inherit a dukedom. 

Years later, a chance meeting reveals the truth of the past and yet the impossibility of a future together.  Can they surpass love’s barriers the second time around?

THE DUKE -- After managing a dukedom and serving in the House of Lords for nearly a decade, Michael Cortland has finally become betrothed to the perfect lady, Natalie Spencer..  While travelling to London for the 1824 parliamentary season, however, a highway robbery leaves him stranded and mired in mud.   All of his strategic plans are called into question when his first love happens along to “rescue” him.

THE WIDOW -- Thankfully widowed after enduring a forced marriage for eight years, Lilly Beauchamp is returning to London to present her stepdaughter to society.  Unable to resist, she finds herself aiding the man who betrayed her years ago.  As the facts behind their estrangement emerge, however, blame shifts and passions are reignited.


Amidst political and social intrigue, Lilly discovers her inner strengths while Michael reconciles a gentleman’s honor with his heart’s desire and his conscience.  Falling in love all over again, new challenges face the star-crossed lovers.  There is a choice after all, but do they have the strength and courage to choose each other?

A Lady's Prerogative... (Book Two)

It’s not fair. Rakes are almost always given the benefit of the doubt but debutantes who take the slightest misstep get sent to the country.


Which is where Lady Natalie Spencer is stuck after jilting her betrothed one week before the wedding. Frustrated with her banishment, in spite of trying to be a good girl all the time, she’s ready and willing to take a few chances with her reputation.


Luckily she has brothers, and even luckier, one of them has brought home a friend: known rake and libertine, Garrett Castleton.

Recently coming into his title as the new Earl of Hawthorne, Garrett is determined to turn over a new leaf. A break from the ton is exactly what he needs while setting his resolve to give up the roguish lifestyle he adopted years ago. 

In other words, he wants to be good and she wants to be bad.


Will either of them succeed? Sparks fly as they both war with society’s strict standards and their growing attraction to each other. Can love work out a compromise between the two, or will their stubbornness get them into even more trouble?

Lady Saves The Duke... (Book Three)

Alex Cross, the Duke of "Ice" has more than earned the nickname given him by the ton. Having lost his family in a tragic accident a few years before, he is now cynical, blasé and arrogant. The duke no longer expects happiness, but will not reject sensual pleasure if it is offered. After all, a man has needs...


...none of which will be met, unfortunately, at this particular house party. For most of his fellow guests are either elderly gossips or stodgy old codgers and the entertainments thus far have been something of a snooze, really: parlor games, nature walks, etc... etc...


And if all that isn’t enough to send him running, his host expects him to court his recently jilted daughter, the simpering miss, Lady Natalie. Oh, hell no! He'll make his excuses and depart early. Perhaps he will return to London to replace his mistress.  He'd had to relinquish Elise after she'd become cloying and possessive.


He fails to escape, however, before Miss Abigail Wright arrives. 


The barely genteel lady smiles too often, laughs too easily, and is far too optimistic for her own good. And after she experiences a most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, the Duke of Ice reluctantly finds himself sexually attracted to her. 


That’s when the trouble begins. 


Because a House Party Scandal spreads like wild fire and if the duke wishes to save Miss Wright’s reputation, he’ll have to make her a respectable offer. She's just a mouse of a thing really. What harm can there be in marrying the poor gal and then leaving her to rusticate in the country? 


What harm indeed?

A Lady at Last (Book Four)

Barely completed... :)

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