Miss Eliza Cline, a vicar’s sister, has accepted her life as a quiet industrious spinster.


Lord Crestwood, the dashing widowed baron, is the rogue from her past.


A chance meeting at a Christmas House party presents a second chance for both of them. But Eliza must decide: has the Baron’s unforgivable sin already doomed their love forever?


This is a story about forgiveness.


Over the course of a lifetime, a person is faced with millions of choices, some more difficult than others. And sometimes, we make the wrong ones.


In a world filled with hard consequences, we need grace.

Tis the season... for wedding bells!

But, the path of true love never did run smooth... as our brides and grooms soon discover.
From the snowbound Scottish Highlands to candlelit ballrooms, follow our fearless heroines as they scorn etiquette and defy danger in pursuit of their heart's desire.
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